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Holy Grail?

Is there such a thing as the Holy Grail of trading?

If you want to know my answer, please read on...

Although it is impossible to predict the highs and the lows of individual prices, it is possible to anticipate their general direction or trend based on price patterns with high probability.
Trying to guess what will happen is always riskier than responding to what is happening!

When we go into a trade, we are either right or we are wrong with our orders since the prices can go up or go down.

Given that we have no control of the price movements especially in the Forex market due to it's sheer size and volatility, the best course of action we can take is not to anticipate the tops and the bottoms but to go with the flow.
But this is easier said than done.

If we are correct with our "buy the lows and sell the highs", we "let our profits run".
But if we are wrong with them, we need to "cut our losses short" as quickly as possible. 
Again, it is simple to understand but difficult to implement because we have:


to be aware of the risks and the rewards


to decide when to open our trades


to determine where to put our stops


to know how to trail our stop losses and take profits


to be decisive with our closes when the need arises

Even if we are able to do all of the above mentioned, a major constraint for traders is the time required to monitor the market and execute trades.
Watching the screen for hours a day is no fun even for professional traders but necessary because they can't afford to miss a market move.
It is also difficult to stay objective and keep trading emotionless when the prices are moving in front of you all the time.

Hence, the only foolproof way to Plan you Trade and to Trade your Plan is to automate your trading!

Wouldn't it be great if these chores of trading can be automated and not letting our emotion ruin our judgment?

Even if we have a profitable trading strategy for one market, chances are that it will not work all the time and across different currency pairs.

Thus, the 2 main challenges for all traders are:

  1. to devise a systematic trading plan that is universal and consistently profitable across markets.

  2. to implement the plan affordably in terms of the time and costs required to become profitable.

It takes great effort to produce a good trading plan because of the need to test it on different market conditions and over a long period of time.
Monitoring the prices are time consuming and tedious, not to mention the stresses involved in executing the trades and the vigilance needed to follow thru.

So, I reckoned that if I want to trade for a living without sacrificing precious time with my family and friends, the only way is to program profitable plans into EAs that will automate the trading processes for me.

My approach to trading is focused on simplicity, adaptability, capital preservation and the reliable use of analysis tools to obtain accurate estimations of future draw down and profit scenarios.

After more than a year of research and development on price actions, I believe I have overcome these 2 challenges for the Forex markets with the "set and forget" EAs that I have developed.
One interesting fact I discovered about my EAs is that the simpler the system, the more profitable it is!

"When the solution is simple, God is answering."
Albert Einstein

Appended below are sample results of the seven major currency pairs trading with 3 micro-lots per trade on Standard Account with $10,000 fund from 1 November to 2 December 2009.

Currency Pairs over 1 month period : +Profit or -Loss. Click to view report:
EURUSD +$67.13
USDJPY +$65.21
GBPUSD +$342.85 *
USDCHF -$5.41
USDCAD +173.06
AUDUSD +$107.75
NZDUSD +$41.97
Total Profit: +$792.56

The key thing to note of these results is that they are all profitable with the exception of a small loss for USDCHF giving a ROI of almost 8% per month.
These back-tested results have also enabled me to choose to trade the more profitable currency pairs to achieve maximum returns in the least possible time.
This ROI can be readily improved with more aggressive money management setting in the EA and by increasing the number of lots per trade for the more profitable currency pairs.

Another interesting point to note is that when I ran the same EA again to trade the losing USDCHF over a longer period of say 2 months from 1 October to 2 December 2009, it ended with a profit instead of a loss.

Currency Pairs over 2 month period +Profit or -Loss. Click to view report:
USDCHF +$55.89

*Please click  (requires Flash plugin) to see and hear how EAs like this can help us become $342.85 richer, auto-trading the GBPUSD currency pair.

As can be seen from the recorded video, this EA has advanced features such as dynamic trailing stops and multiple take profit levels to capture as many pips as safely as possible from trending and sometime from ranging market conditions.
Coupled with proper risk control, this universal EA will perform well in maximizing profits and minimizing losses without any intervention from me.

The statistical fact is that, if you can cut your losses short when your entries are wrong and let your profits run when your entries are right, you can still emerge a winner with any entry setup that gives you a less than 50% chance of winning.

Many traders make the mistake of trying to perfect their trade entries when they should pay more attention to risks control and sticking to an effective exit plan.

Running the same EA on Fxprimus

Given that different brokers have different liquidity suppliers, it is not surprising that the trading results will differ from one another.

For the sake of comparison, I ran the same EA to trade the GBPUSD under the same conditions on the Fxprimus vs. the previous IBFX platform and it still returned a profit albeit a smaller one:

Currency Pairs over 1 month period +Profit or -Loss. Click to view report:
GBPUSD +149.82

Unlike most other brokers, where the data feeds for the Live and Practice accounts are different which can lead to erroneous expectations,  Fxprimus provides the same Live data feeds to both the Live and Practice accounts.

This reinforce the general perception that it is much tougher to trade with the Live data and hence the reason for a lower profit.
It also helps to explain why one can make profitable trades with the Practice (usually with better spreads) but not from the Live account from most brokers.

So, which broker do you think I can rely on with my testing and trade with confidence?
of course!

I am totally convinced that it is possible to make good money consistently with automated trading.
Don't you?

Increasing number of banks and hedge funds are already investing in and using robots to extend their edge in trading. For an example, please see the article Citigroup buys Automated Trading Desk.
‎"Automated Trading Desk is the technology company that pioneered automated limit-order trading of securities. In the 1980s, when no one on Wall Street believed it could be done, we taught computers how to trade like humans except, of course, our systems were much, much faster." - 1st. paragraph excerpt from the document ATD Overview.pdf at .

Can you afford not to?

The one thing that differentiates this EA from most of the others is its ability to monitor and adjust programmed parameters to try to achieve optimal results from trading.

I am unaware of another universal EA that can adapt swiftly to changes in market condition and across different currency pairs.
If you do, please let me know.

Despite it's effectiveness, this EA is NOT the Holy Grail of trading because it isn't profitable all the time and isn't profitable for all currency pairs.
The need to stay ahead of the curve would also mean that there will be no end to its refinements.

An EA can only be as good as the intentions, knowledge, and wisdom of its trader and programmer.

Great EAs are not for sale. Great EAs are for trading. This is the reason why you need to have your own EA for trading!

Note: It is easy to impress with screen shots displaying just the fantastic trading profits.
They are likely to be marketing ploys to convince prospects to sign up for trading courses or for the purchase of EAs and trading systems.
Consistency in the ROI is a better criteria to separate the chaffs from the grains of profitable trading systems.

The Holy Grail is in fact, a Trinity:

  1. Good analytical and trading plan.
  2. Great risk and money management.
  3. Phenomenal discipline.

I like the journey as much as the destination, and I shall savor the challenges, the satisfaction and the joy of collecting more pips along the way.

Albert Einstein's three rules of work:

  1. Out of clutter find simplicity.
  2. From discord find harmony.
  3. In the middle of difficulty find opportunity.

These rules sum up my approach to Forex trading.

Price Action EA:

I have experimented several approaches to systematic trading since 2009 and the one that I am convinced to work best for me is based on Price Action.

You are welcome to find out the effectiveness of trading with Price Action at  Price Action Trading.

I am now a better trader making good use of technology to do the hard work of trading for me.
Wouldn't you want to become the next Smart Trader like me?

When you have opened an account at , do if you would like me to work with you to become a smarter Forex trader.

 So, is there such a thing as the Holy Grail of trading?

The Marriam-Webster Dictionary defines Holy Grail as "an object or goal that is sought after for its great significance".

Based on this definition, I truly believe there exist Holy Grails not just in trading but also in many other endeavors.

The fact that some traders are making huge profits consistently from the markets supports  the existence of the Holy Grails in their trading.

It is well known in the trading community that "Buying on Greed and Selling on Fear" is one of the key reasons of failure in trading.

I know of no better ways to eliminate this Achilles' Heel in trading than to automate our trading process.

Profitable trading is simple but not easy.

It's simple when you have a trading plan:

  1. a statistical edge for trade entries,
  2. rules to cut the losses short and let the profits run to exit the trades,
  3. make the preservation of trading capital a top priority.

Yet, many traders are unprofitable because it is easier said than done.
It's never easy in manual trading:

  1. to have a consistent plan to trade,
  2. to trade a plan consistently,
  3. to allow your promising  trading plans sufficient time to prove themselves.

If you are already trading successfully and would like to take advantage of the benefits of automation, I can help you to improve your profitability via automation.

Only then, can a trader hopes to realize and enjoy the benefits from his/her elusive Holy Grail in trading.

p.s. The Holy Bible has no mention of the Holy Grail. It is a mythical legend that is popularized by such books as "The DaVinci Code" and a renewed interest in King Arthur and his knights.

p.p.s. Can this also be a "Holy Grail" of the business of trading?

I think so, and I welcome you to check it out.

"The end of labor is to gain leisure."
- Aristotle.

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